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Current paintings

In my head

This ongoing series of paintings evolves around thoughts in my head. I try to capture ongoing events in the world, along with what I find important in my life. I also portray playfulness, beauty and my inner dreams and fears. In all my paintings you will find a part of me, or my alter ego. Some of my paintings include a cross, which represents how every person living in our society is somewhat marked. Either with a social security number, prejudices or our own feelings of self-worth.



This painting for me is about dreams,  fear and anticipation. Oil on canvas, 100x74cm (39''x29'') 


All we have is just temporery, so we should try to take care of it. Oil on canvas, 72x62cm (28''x24'')


So many people come and go through out our life, I find it quite illusive. Oil on canvas, 80x80cm (31''x31'')


The dream of California still excist. Oil on canvas, 79x94cm (31''x37'')


Most of us have our escape from reality, if it is games, drugs or art. Oil on canvas, 102x70cm (40''x28'')


Through media we are told there are many things to be afraid of, some of them probably don´t excist. Oil on canvas, 76x55cm (30''x22'')


Love to "day of the dead", free living and the universe. Do not cut down our forest, you don´t know all what´s in them. Oil on canvas, 97x77cm (38''x30'')


Many of us do anything to get ahead, look better and have more power. Some of us do anything not to drown. Oil on canvas, 52x66cm (20''x26'')


We are being monitored at most times, make no mistakes. Oil on canvas, 102x72cm (40''x28'')


Is it as it is? Oil on canvas, 102x77cm (40''x30'') 


What is more dangerous, a plastic duck or a shark in the water. Why is the journalist profession one of the most dangerous in the world? Oil on canvas, 70x70cm (28''x28'')


Take care of the forest, we need it. Oil on canvas, 52x66cm (20"x26")

Left over paint

The paint left over I paint small paintings, that are usually included in my exhibitions. Various sizes.